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TeleVantage Voicemail

You want the assurance that your employees are handling the most important voicemails first. When a customer leaves a voice message, the TeleVantage voicemail system allows you to listen to messages according to your business needs and not necessarily the order in which the calls were received. TeleVantage has its full-featured voicemail system included in the price of the PBX. That means that there are no additional ports to buy or costs to incur.

Manage Voicemail Effortlessly
In addition to being able to manage your messages via the telephone, you can also handle your voicemail via your PC. Your voice messages are displayed visually in the TeleVantage ViewPoint™, identified by the caller's name or number, so you can prioritize your messages and your time. Play them over your phone or PC speakers. No more writing down phone numbers to call back - just click a button to return the call. When the call ends, you are returned to voice mail, so you can hear the next message. With support for Microsoft Exchange®, Outlook®, and Lotus® Notes, unify your messages in your e-mail inbox, viewing e-mail alongside your voice mail. Forward messages to any e-mail address or TeleVantage user with attached notes, and reply as needed. Worried about important messages languishing unheard? TeleVantage can alert you by e-mail or pager whenever you receive a new message, including caller ID, so you know who called without even listening.


Record Your Calls
With the proper permissions, you can record your TeleVantage conversations, including conference calls. Manage your call recordings like your voice mails with the ability to create a folder system to keep the important recordings organized.

Full-Featured Voice Mail

  • Visual voice mail display with caller name
  • Click to reply forward or call back a message
  • Export voice mail to .WAV file to be used in other systems
  • Password security and enforceable rules
  • Screen messages as they are being left with the ability to pull answer the call after listening to part of the message
  • Bookmark part of a message so you don't have to listen to the whole message again and again just to get the phone number
  • Callers can specify a callback number to be easily dialed with a click of a button
  • Personalize greetings for VIP callers or for different times of the day
  • E-mail/pager/call out notification when a new message arrives
  • Voice mail can be delivered to unified e-mail inbox
  • Microsoft Exchange Synchronization


TeleVantage Instant Messaging

Voice conversation is just one way people communicate these days. Text instant messaging continues to grow in usage, but most solutions are more targeted at home users than being right for businesses and are often not secure since text can travel outside the office to a messaging provider's system just to come back to the person down the hall.

TeleVantage now includes instant messaging within ViewPoint™. Simply select a user within the extensions pane and right click to send an instant message to their PC screen. Users can check some facts with a colleague while on an important business call, contact center agents can consult with an expert or summon a supervisor, or co-workers can make quick plans for an impromptu meeting, all without having to interrupt the call they are on. And since it's all handled within ViewPoint, users are assured of an easy user interface and secure transmission of their text since it never leaves your secure corporate network.


With TeleVantage sending an instant message is as easy as right clicking on a users name.

TeleVantage Auto Attendant

Every time a customer reaches your automated phone-answering system, your reputation is on the line. Project a professional image with TeleVantage's comprehensive, multilevel auto attendants that give callers the consideration they demand. Individual trunks can have different auto attendants with their own greetings, hours, and hold music, so you can run multiple departments or even businesses independently without sacrificing quality. Schedule your auto attendants to automatically change their greeting and transfer behavior based on time of day, such as during and after business hours. Set up menu options that transfer callers to specific extensions or contact center queues, play important messages such as driving directions, or lead to another menu of options in a nested auto attendant. Callers can easily backtrack to previous menus, dial extensions directly or look users up by name. They can even select the language used by the auto attendant prompts.


One Easy Interface for Your Sost Complex Situations
TeleVantage's intuitive Windows interface makes it easy to create multiple auto attendants to handle all your business needs. Multiple auto attendants can be used to set up nested menus, offer different greetings and options on different phone numbers, or even to offer the same prompts in different languages. For example, callers can hear "For English, press 1; for Spanish, press 2," make their choice, and be transferred to an auto attendant with the appropriate language menu. (The system prompts change language too!) TeleVantage's clickable audio controls make it easy to record, import or export voice files for greetings, menu prompts, and messages.

Active Customer Identification
Auto attendants can work for you, taking note of customer choices and passing that information along to the users or agents who take the call. For example, an auto attendant could prompt the caller to press 1 if they're calling about Product ABC, or press 2 if they're calling about Product XYZ. The agent who takes the call would see "ABC" or "XYZ" in their Call Monitor, giving them a head-start on helping the customer.

Auto Attendants Help Your Users Too
TeleVantage auto attendants can have extensions, so it's easy for any user to transfer a caller to your main phone numbers-no more telling callers to call back. Auto attendants also show up in the Client's Extensions view, enabling drag-and-drop transfers to them. And every auto attendant permits a customizable login key so remote users can call in to access to their voicemail and account settings, restrictable by permission to the users who need it.


  • Choose whether your business uses live receptionist or auto attendant answering and easily switch between them at any time.
  • Auto attendants are transparent to direct-dial (DID), so you can use the same trunk for direct calls to a private number and callers who will dial an extension.
  • Place different auto attendants on different trunks, so you can offer different customer services for different incoming phone numbers.
  • Schedulable auto attendants let you automatically change greetings and call routing based on time of day or specific dates such as holidays.
  • Built-in dial-by-name directory lets callers look up users by entering their name using their telephone keys. You choose whether the dial-by-name directory is based on first name, last name, or both.
  • Any user can choose to be exempted from the dial-by-name directory, so callers can't dial them by name.
  • Clickable audio controls to record greetings, messages, and menu prompts.
  • Record auto attendant messages off-site or professionally and easily import them into your auto attendants.
  • Auto attendants can pass visual data to users based on caller choice.
  • Customizable options for when callers make no selection, such as repeating the menu, transferring to an Operator or to voice mail.
  • Fax tone detection automatically routes incoming faxes to your fax station.

TeleVantage Point & Click Administration

The intuitive Windows-based TeleVantage Administrator gives you onscreen access to all system administration functions from any PC on the network or by remote network log on. Point and click to add new trunks and extensions, customize auto attendants, and determine call flow. Grant or revoke dialing permissions and user settings such as mailbox size and password length by individual or class-of-service group.

Distribute administrative permissions as much or as little as you like, so that you maintain control while allowing users to customize their own workspace. Unlike phone systems that must be shut down to make modifications, TeleVantage allows you to make moves, adds and changes on the fly while the system is up and running. You never have to spend nights at the office or interrupt users' vital communications services for basic maintenance.


Monitor the System Anywhere, Any Time
TeleVantage provides you with the information you need to track usage and optimize system performance from anywhere on the network. Use the Device Monitor to check on the status of all your trunks and stations. At a glance, check the amount of system resources used for voice messages and greetings. Review real-time contact center statistics for agents and queues, either visually or remotely by phone.

Batch User Creation and Modification
Creating new users with all the right settings on some systems can be tedius work, and modifying groups of users at once can equally or even more tricky. For example, you can change the voice mail box size for everyone in the Sales Department to 30 minutes instead of 20. With TeleVantage, bulk user creation and modification is easy, saving customers time and money.

Cradle to Grave Call History/Tracing
Sometimes it becomes important to see exactly how a call made its way through the system, such what trunk line the call used, what announcements were played to the caller, what digits were dialed, what music on hold they heard, what TeleVantage routing rules were used to deliver the call to its destination, etc. TeleVantage provides a Call History window showing all this detail for administrators at the system level, as well as for individuals using ViewPoint™ on their PC to manage and view their own calls. This can help administrators quickly and easily identify trouble on a specific line from the phone company or understand why a caller heard a certain menu or reached a certain contact center agent, as well as help them to efficiently make changes as desired. Users can see which personal routing rules were used to deliver calls to them and best fine-tune and leverage the power of TeleVantage to even further enhancemen ttheir communications productivity.


TeleVantage ViewPoint

TeleVantage ViewPoint gives you access to all of TeleVantage's features in an easy-to-use Windows interface. With ViewPoint you can point and click to play voice messages, place and receive calls, manage multiple active calls, access contacts and users, and more! You can install and run ViewPoint on Windows 98, NT, ME, XP, 2000, and 2003 computers that are networked to the TeleVantage Server. Most of the functionality that is available in ViewPoint can also be accessed by TeleVantage ViewPoint Web Access, a web based user interface.

No Need to Learn Cryptic Commands
With traditional phone systems, over 80% of the productivity enhancing features are never used due to the complexity of arcane key commands. With TeleVantage, an intuitive Windows interface puts all basic and advanced features at your fingertips, reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity. Whether you're an operator handling all of a department's calls or a manager with an important one, you can easily drag and drop to transfer or conference, and point and click to call contacts or listen to voice mail. When calling or transferring, users can pick from a list of extensions and see in advance who is already on a call, saving time while letting you avoid interruptions.


Even without a PC, phone users hear simple, verbal menus to guide them through all call handling actions (transfer, conference, park, call forwarding), voice mail options, and account setup.

Save Time by Screening Calls
See the names of incoming callers before you answer, so you can choose whether to take the call or not. TeleVantage can announce the name of the person who is calling over the PC speakers or phone while the caller still hears ringing, so with a single key you can accept the call or send it to voice mail. Even screen voice messages as they're being left and interrupt to take the call if you choose. Easily provide private extensions to important contacts so that TeleVantage recognizes their calls from whatever number they are dialing from - even when caller ID is not available.

Let Your Teams Work Smarter
TeleVantage increases communication between workers even when they're not on the phone. Personal statuses such as "Available," "In a Meeting," and "Vacation" inform your team of your location and availability, while the Extensions View shows who's currently in the office or on a call. Easily share your voice mail, contacts, and call monitor with co-workers as needed. Define custom workgroups of users and contacts to effectively manage team-based call handling, voice mail broadcasts, and group call pickup. Create workgroups to match your department structure, so assistants and other users can easily see who in the department is available to take a call. TeleVantage will dramatically improve your company's teamwork and internal communications.


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