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TeleVantage Auto Attendant

Every time a customer reaches your automated phone-answering system, your reputation is on the line. Project a professional image with TeleVantage's comprehensive, multilevel auto attendants that give callers the consideration they demand. Individual trunks can have different auto attendants with their own greetings, hours, and hold music, so you can run multiple departments or even businesses independently without sacrificing quality. Schedule your auto attendants to automatically change their greeting and transfer behavior based on time of day, such as during and after business hours. Set up menu options that transfer callers to specific extensions or contact center queues, play important messages such as driving directions, or lead to another menu of options in a nested auto attendant. Callers can easily backtrack to previous menus, dial extensions directly or look users up by name. They can even select the language used by the auto attendant prompts.


One Easy Interface for Your Sost Complex Situations
TeleVantage's intuitive Windows interface makes it easy to create multiple auto attendants to handle all your business needs. Multiple auto attendants can be used to set up nested menus, offer different greetings and options on different phone numbers, or even to offer the same prompts in different languages. For example, callers can hear "For English, press 1; for Spanish, press 2," make their choice, and be transferred to an auto attendant with the appropriate language menu. (The system prompts change language too!) TeleVantage's clickable audio controls make it easy to record, import or export voice files for greetings, menu prompts, and messages.

Active Customer Identification
Auto attendants can work for you, taking note of customer choices and passing that information along to the users or agents who take the call. For example, an auto attendant could prompt the caller to press 1 if they're calling about Product ABC, or press 2 if they're calling about Product XYZ. The agent who takes the call would see "ABC" or "XYZ" in their Call Monitor, giving them a head-start on helping the customer.

Auto Attendants Help Your Users Too
TeleVantage auto attendants can have extensions, so it's easy for any user to transfer a caller to your main phone numbers-no more telling callers to call back. Auto attendants also show up in the Client's Extensions view, enabling drag-and-drop transfers to them. And every auto attendant permits a customizable login key so remote users can call in to access to their voicemail and account settings, restrictable by permission to the users who need it.


  • Choose whether your business uses live receptionist or auto attendant answering and easily switch between them at any time.
  • Auto attendants are transparent to direct-dial (DID), so you can use the same trunk for direct calls to a private number and callers who will dial an extension.
  • Place different auto attendants on different trunks, so you can offer different customer services for different incoming phone numbers.
  • Schedulable auto attendants let you automatically change greetings and call routing based on time of day or specific dates such as holidays.
  • Built-in dial-by-name directory lets callers look up users by entering their name using their telephone keys. You choose whether the dial-by-name directory is based on first name, last name, or both.
  • Any user can choose to be exempted from the dial-by-name directory, so callers can't dial them by name.
  • Clickable audio controls to record greetings, messages, and menu prompts.
  • Record auto attendant messages off-site or professionally and easily import them into your auto attendants.
  • Auto attendants can pass visual data to users based on caller choice.
  • Customizable options for when callers make no selection, such as repeating the menu, transferring to an Operator or to voice mail.
  • Fax tone detection automatically routes incoming faxes to your fax station.

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