TeleVantage Instant Messaging

Voice conversation is just one way people communicate these days. Text instant messaging continues to grow in usage, but most solutions are more targeted at home users than being right for businesses and are often not secure since text can travel outside the office to a messaging provider's system just to come back to the person down the hall.

TeleVantage now includes instant messaging within ViewPoint™. Simply select a user within the extensions pane and right click to send an instant message to their PC screen. Users can check some facts with a colleague while on an important business call, contact center agents can consult with an expert or summon a supervisor, or co-workers can make quick plans for an impromptu meeting, all without having to interrupt the call they are on. And since it's all handled within ViewPoint, users are assured of an easy user interface and secure transmission of their text since it never leaves your secure corporate network.


With TeleVantage sending an instant message is as easy as right clicking on a users name.