Saving Money with TeleVantage and Vertical's New Product "Wave"

phonecash6For years, to reduce support costs and boot times involved with Televantage boarded phone systems, we’ve been converting Televantage customers to boardless VoIP - with approximately 100 conversions completed to date.

Installing and maintaining VoIP systems, SIP trunking, soft phones, IP phones, VPNs and firewalls are common, everyday work for us.  As a result we have more VoIP installation and support experience than any other Vertical dealer.

Since 2007 when we sold our first Wave system we’ve been waiting for Vertical to create a compelling ROI story justifying conversion from Televantage to Wave.  From our perspective this milestone was reached with the release of Wave 2.1 in April 2011.

Why move to Wave?

As an existing Televantage customer you are eligible for trade-ins and discounts. These vary based on your size and whether or not you have subscription.  Call us for your discounted pricing.

If you use Televantage you already know the look and feel of Wave. This reduces implementation and training cost over every other phone system as you improve functionality and features.

A few of the compelling wins for your business include:

  • 5 year hardware warranty
  • 5 year advanced hardware replacement during the warranty period
  • Reduced subscription costs
  • All users get Viewpoint
  • All hardware and drivers are tested and certified unlike Televantage

Many new features already released include:

  • 64 bit Windows 7 Viewpoint not available with Televantage
  • Live synchronization between contacts and Viewpoint not available with Televantage
  • Options for Automated updates and upgrades not available with Televantage
  • Messaging server and archiving not available with Televantage
  • Works as a hybrid system removing the need to buy expensive gateway devices for Televantage
  • Cards are less expensive with better warranties than with Televantage
  • Fax distributed to email feature not available with Televantage
  • Image backup to a bootable hard drive for quick recoveries
  • Solid state hard drives for speed and reduced failure rates
  • Viewpoint includes a soft phone
  • The ability to use digital phones to replace low quality analog phones

Many new features are on the way including Viewpoint for I-Phone and I-Pad (expected next month), Viewpoint for Droid, an increase in capacity from 500 users to 750 users, and the incorporation of video.