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Comprehensive call management at a fraction of the cost of comparable high-end systems

 Call Center Agent with Artisoft by TeleVantage picFuel your business with more productive agents
Whether your agents are taking orders or helping customers, your call center's performance is critical to your reputation and is often the most important factor in achieving your growth and profitability goals. The TeleVantage Call Center gives you the tools you need to make agents more productive and callers more satisfied.

Software solution dramatically lowers costs
Typically, businesses in need of full call center functionality had to choose costly products, many of which required proprietary hardware that operated separately from the company phone system. That approach added complexity and raised costs, while severely limiting flexibility. As a fully integrated module of the award-winning TeleVantage software-based PBX, the TeleVantage Call Center has no additional hardware to install, while providing the benefits of future-proof software expandability and a familiar, easy-to-use interface. In addition, the TeleVantage Call Center can also be configured as an adjunct call center solution to a traditional PBX.
Call Center management with Artisoft by TeleVantage picCentrally manage all call center behavior
At the heart of the TeleVantage Call Center are call center queues, which are easily configured to your specifications using the TeleVantage Administrator’s point and click interface. Within each queue you can choose how calls are distributed to agents, customize your callers’ hold experience, play single or repeating messages, prompt callers to enter data, configure call priority, set up automatic call recording, and manage all other call center settings.
Keep informed with extensive reporting and real-time statistics
To keep improving call center performance and profitability, supervisors need to be able to analyze call center data. The TeleVantage Call enter provides several ways to monitor agent and queue performance in real time, and compare it against past performance as you watch. For more detailed analysis, you can use the TeleVantage Call Center Reporter to run over a dozen types of graphical reports, and further analyze the results using Microsoft® Excel.
Call Center management with Artisoft by TeleVantage 2 picSpot Trends in Queue & Agent Performance
Successfully managing a call center involves continual data analysis to determine caller and agent trends and make adjustments. The TeleVantage Call Center Reporter leverages Microsoft Excel to give managers over a dozen intuitive report-generating tools without the hassle of having to import or export information, manipulate or roll up data, or manually create charts. Point and click to run reports on individual agents, queues, inbound calls, outbound calls, wait times, talk times, call volumes, total trunk usage, and many other facets of your call center performance.
Gain a competitive advantage
The TeleVantage Call Center provides your business with a strategic competitive advantage. By integrating and streamlining your call center, you can turn relationships with customers into profitable initiatives, close sales quickly and provide customers with the help and information they need.
Call Center management with Artisoft by TeleVantage 3 picSingle-point access to create and manage queues
The TeleVantage Administrator provides a single unified interface to manage all aspects of call center queues. Point and click to add and delete agents, set up and change supervisor permissions, record hold prompts, change queue routing, manage the queue’s voice mail, take the queue offline, and more. You can manage agents efficiently by changing permissions for groups of agents at once, or set permissions and settings such as wrap up time for individual agents as needed.
Connect callers quickly to the right agent
Sophisticated and flexible routing helps callers reach the queue and quickly connect to the right agent for the job. You can make a queue accessible by an extension, DID, auto attendant, or dial-by-name directory. Even send callers to a queue in another branch office or city using he built-in IP Gateway support. Once calls reach the queue, you have full control over how they’re distributed to agents. Send calls to the gent who has handled the fewest calls, the agent who has been idle the longest, the agent with the shortest talk time, or your best agents first. Other options include ringing all agents’ phones simultaneously and round robin. Give important callers higher priority so that they move closer to the head of the queue and reach an agent sooner. You can even treat certain callers differently based on time of day or who is calling.
Call Center management with Artisoft by TeleVantage 4 picEnhance the on-hold experience
Successful call center managers know that customers start to form opinions about the quality of the company before they ever speak to an agent. With the TeleVantage Call Center, you can delight your customers by playing personalized prompts to identified VIPs or to those who enter a customer number. Flexible prompts can changeover time as callers wait, relating how many calls are ahead of them in the queue, what the estimated wait time is, or any other custom message you record. Each queue can have its own welcome message and music on hold source. Free your valuable phone lines by allowing callers to press a key to stop waiting and either leave a voice mail message with call back number, or transfer to an Operator, auto attendant or different queue. Of course, when the need arises the queue can be taken off-line manually or automatically when all agents sign out, sending new calls to voice mail.
Overflow agents handle heavy call volume
Automatically send calls to special overflow agents during peak call hours to reduce your queue’s hold time. Overflow agents do not receive any queue calls until the caller’s hold time exceeds a configurable threshold, freeing them for other tasks until they’re needed. You can create as many “overflow agent tiers” as you want; each tier of agents remains undisturbed unless all agents on lower tiers are busy.
Never miss a call
Supervisors can rest easy knowing that if an agent doesn’t answer one or more calls, TeleVantage can be optionally configured to put the agent “On Break”. This prevents future calls from ringing the agent and also alerts the supervisor that the agent has left their desk. After hours, automatically send callers to voice mail with a special night greeting or re-direct callers to another extension, such as an Operator, auto attendant, or queue.
Empower your Call Center agents
The TeleVantage Call Center gives agents the tools they need to get the job done. Agents can handle incoming calls using only the phone or—for agents with a PC—the powerful TeleVantage Client call-handling software. Visual indicators and audio prompts let agents using either their phone or PC distinguish calls from different queues, and queue calls from personal calls. With the click of a mouse or by following verbal menus on the phone, agents can change their personal status to begin or end their shift, take a break, or indicate that they are in a meeting or working from home. Agents with the proper permission can sign in and out of different queues as needed. Supervisors can define how much “wrap up time” an agent gets after completing a call, and if they are ready, agents can easily end wrap up early. With the graphical Call Monitor, agents can point and click to grab a waiting call, see if a supervisor or other expert is available, and then conference or transfer the call as needed. Your agents do not have to be on-site to be productive. With the proper permission, remote agents can have their calls forwarded to their home number, cell phone or other location. Even take their calls via the Internet using VoIP and manage the calls using an IP phone or Microsoft NetMeeting.
Call Center management with Artisoft by TeleVantage 5 picKnow who is calling
Prepare agents with caller details before they answer the call. A queue can prompt callers to enter account numbers or issue numbers, then display the information to the agent on-screen. If an agent enters notes on a call and later transfers it, the notes follow the call to help the receiving agent get up to speed quickly, and are automatically saved to the Call Log for a built-in record. Get screen pops of identified callers using the built-in contact database. And if you use a contact manager such as Outlook®, Act!®, GoldMine®, or FrontOffice™, the TeleVantage Call Center can open the contact manager’s matching customer record whenever the contact calls.
Ready to expand
Enhance your call center capabilities with off-the-shelf TeleVantage Add-ons, such as the TeleVantage SmartDialer which automates outbound dialing for calling campaigns, or design your own to seamlessly integrate with TeleVantage using the included TeleVantage Software Developer’s Kit (SDK). Add-on applications can collect customer information, analyze incoming area codes, redirect calls and pass custom data to agents via screen pops along with the call. In fact, the TeleVantage SDK provides access to all TeleVantage Client data and functions—what you can do is limited only by your imagination!
Track outbound calls and handle account codes
If your call center needs to track outbound calling, the TeleVantage Call Center has that covered. Agents can indicate if their call should be tracked as a queue or personal call so you can later run reports on outbound queue calls using the Call Center Reporter. For outbound calling campaigns, the TeleVantage SmartDialer, an optional add-on solution, provides automated dialing for call center agents, using telephone numbers from a customer database like GoldMine. Use account codes to track calls by company or project for accounting purposes. Agents can be prompted to enter account codes whenever they place a call and TeleVantage can optionally verify them against an approved account code list.
Coach your agents to superior customer service
The TeleVantage Call Center lets supervisors discreetly give each agent the guidance and training he or she needs. A supervisor can listen in on an agent's call, and choose whether or not the agent is aware of the monitoring. Supervisors can also coach an agent, so that the agent can hear the supervisor, while the customer can not. If required, a supervisor can even join the call and talk to the customer and agent in a conference. Supervisors can manage each agent's status as needed. For example, they can change a sick agent’s personal status to “Out of the office” when necessary or sign an agent out from one queue and into another if the agent forgets, or is not permitted to do it themselves.

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