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TeleVantage Monitoring Services

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We’ve taken what we know about Televantage and hardware and operating systems and put it into a monitoring services system for Televantage.


We can provide monitoring services for your TeleVantage System live 24 hours a day (and report on - including color charts), trunk utilization, station utilization, voice resource utilization, SQL use. We can set thresholds and collect and store the data. We can send alerts based on the thresholds. So if 95% of your trunks are in use – alerts go out to us and you. If the number of calls being recorded exceeds your voice resources and you start dropping calls – another alert.

Same with the system error logs – including the Televantage error logs. If a Televantage error of concern comes up all are notified. If it’s a Televantage error that is known NOT to be an issue – we aren’t. If the D channel on your T1 is down – an alert. Same again with things like system down, firewall down. Middle of the night? Doesn’t matter – the alert is still sent.

We can monitor and track base system components as well of course, but that’s old hat – CPU use, memory use, drive space, and so on – same thresholds and alerts. Do you need more memory? Is your CPU too slow? Don’t guess – check the charts for the last 90 days.
Want to see all the hardware in the system? Click a button and it’s presented. A history of the systems updates? Same….

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