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What can TeleVantage do for me?

Save time by screening calls and messages

See the names of incoming callers with a screen pop before you answer, so you can choose whether to take the call or not. TeleVantage can announce the name of the person who is calling over the PC speakers or phone while the caller still hears ringing, so with a single key you can accept the call or send it to voice mail. Even screen voice messages as they’re being left and interrupt to take the call if you choose. Easily provide private extensions to important contacts so that TeleVantage recognizes their calls from whatever number they are dialing from—even when caller ID is not available.

Treat every call with a personal touch
TeleVantage gives you truly intelligent call handling. Set up rules that manage calls differently based on who’s calling, the time of day, or the calendar date. Decide in advance which callers can reach you on your cell phone after hours and which get sent to voice mail. Create personalized voice mail greetings to impress important customers. Relax knowing that each call will be handled the way you want it to be.

"Follow-me" call forwarding
Sometimes you want to stay in touch, even if you’re across the room or around the world. With the touch of a button, easily forward your calls to other extensions, external numbers, or over the Internet. When you’re on the move, have TeleVantage try as many extensions or phone numbers as needed to find you. Password-protect calls forwarded to remote phones, such as hotels, so that only you receive them. TeleVantage also supports basic office features so you can park a call and retrieve it from another extension, or answer your ringing phone by picking up whichever phone is closest to you.

Let your teams work smarter
TeleVantage increases communication between workers even when they’re not on the phone. Personal statuses such as "Available," "In a Meeting," and "On Vacation" inform your team of your location and availability, while the Extensions View shows who’s currently in the office or on a call. Easily share your voice mail, contacts and call monitor with co-workers as needed. Define custom workgroups of users and contacts to effectively manage team-based call handling, voice mail broadcasts, and group call pickup. Create workgroups to match your department structure, so assistants and other users can easily see who in the department is available to take a call. TeleVantage will dramatically improve your company’s teamwork and internal communications.

Flexible, professional auto attendant
The built-in TeleVantage Auto Attendant supplies friendly, efficient call answering to maintain a professional image and provide a dependable backup for the receptionist. Callers can dial extensions directly, look them up by name, or follow voice-guided menus that direct them to extensions of your choice. Create multi-level menus, record custom messages, and offer callers different hold music or prompts in the language of their choice. To anticipate caller’s needs, users can see which Auto Attendant menu choices a caller selected in the Call Monitor before they answer the call. Schedule greetings and call routing so that calls are handled differently depending on the day and time. The Auto Attendant also can detect incoming faxes and route them intelligently to the right locations.

Call centers are a click away
TeleVantage provides basic call center functionality at no extra cost so you can easily drive sales and enhance customer service. Distribute calls to agents top down, round robin, or simultaneously. Play on-hold messages while callers are waiting. Use overflow agent groups to handle heavy call volumes and easily send queue calls to voice mail after hours. Let agents grab waiting calls visually using the Call Monitor.

Empower your remote workforce
The TeleVantage Web Client keeps your road warriors connected from anywhere with an Internet connection and a supported web browser, including Macintosh. Log on at an airport kiosk, client site or hotel to listen to your voice messages, forward your calls, change your greeting and call contacts. Call the office using any phone and TeleVantage makes it behave just like your office phone. Follow the voice-guided menus to transfer, conference and make outbound calls, as if you were at your desk. And when you receive forwarded calls at that remote phone, you get the power of TeleVantage with it, letting you use all the call-handling commands.

Supersize your call center’s capabilities
With optional call center agent licenses, you can implement the full-featured TeleVantage Call Center, which provides advanced functionality at a fraction of the cost of comparable high-end systems. Send calls to agents based on performance such as least busy or shortest talk time. Handle priority callers by bumping them to the front of the queue or sooth customers with dynamic hold prompts that change according to rules you define. Discreetly train your agents by coaching and monitoring their calls. Ensure your call center’s quality and performance by automatically recording calls and using the Queue Monitor to watch real-time statistics on queue and agent performance. Set visual or audible alarms based on custom thresholds or view queue statistics on a physical display wallboard with the optional TeleVantage CCall Center Scoreboard. Whatever the level of your call center needs, the TeleVantage Call Center is a scalable solution— fully integrated with your phone system, involving no additional hardware or installation headaches, so that you can enhance revenue and increase customer satisfaction at your most critical contact point.


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