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What is TeleVantage HMP?

Televantage 8 allows you to have a Televantage PBX without boards. Dialogic boards add cost to a Televantage system and add points of failure. Removing them from the equation reduces system cost, system support, and greatly improves flexibility for growth. If you increase the system from 10 phones to 100 phones or 1 T1 to 4 T1s you require no additional hardware.

The same is true when adding remote offices or users. This gives your business the flexibility to meet changing needs with no hardware costs. You’ll often hear this called Televantage HMP. This stands for “host media processing”. With HMP voice processing is done on the system motherboard and not on cards. Some licensing is required for HMP – these are licensed from Intel and are usually 10% or less the cost of adding the same resources via cards. So Televantage HMP is a type of Televantage 8 without cards.

Televantage 8 added support for the new HMP version from Intel – the only version now available for sale. This is HMP version 3.0. HMP 3.0 supports more users on a Televantage system than possible with HMP 1.0.

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