Why Did You Buy TeleVantage?


verticaldiamondpartnerUnprecedented Scalability and Freedom of Choice
More Powerful, Affordable Call Center
Enhanced User and Administrator Productivity

Scalability and Flexibility through open systems
Add new features simply by upgrading the software...
All too often, phone systems lock you in to a certain way of doing things. Proprietary phone systems limit your choices. You can’t add features or easily integrate with other systems. It’s common to outgrow the size or capabilities of a system and be faced with a "forklift" upgrade. Artisoft TeleVantage is different. It grows with you and safeguards your investment. TeleVantage is an open, feature-rich software based phone system that runs on industry standard Intel® Dialogic telephony hardware. Now, TeleVantage 8.0 provides unprecedented scalability and freedom of choice to your phone system.

Increased System Scalability
Simply add voice cards or TeleVantage HMP licenses...
TeleVantage 8.0 can now scale from a small office of 4x8 up to 192 trunks and 480 stations.

High Density Conferences
Feature rich software right out of the box...
TeleVantage has always had powerful and easy to use conference capabilities. TeleVantage 8.0 now supports conferences of up 60 parties. Imagine the savings when you no longer need to pay for external conferencing services.

Use Virtually Any Phone – Analog, Digital, IP
Works with regular phones including H.323, IP Devices, CLASS, or ADSI Feature Phones...
TeleVantage has always provided a wide range of standard analog handset choices. Now TeleVantage 8.0 adds support for digital phones, letting you use your existing Avaya, NEC, Nortel, or Siemens handsets with the new Intel NetStructure PBX-IP Media Gateway. TeleVantage 8.0 also directly supports ADSI feature phones from Cybiotronics or Aastra.

SMDR (Station Message Detail Reporting) Service:
Go beyond the TeleVantage built-in Call Log and Call Center Reporter by easily connecting a 3rd party call accounting or billing application. The TeleVantage 8.0 SMDR service provides 3rd party applications real-time access to call details through your COM port, network or a text file.

Built-in IVR Toolkit:
The built-in TeleVantage SDK provides a rich programming interface for developers to create custom add-ons or solutions. Now any application developer using Visual Basic or other Windows® development tools can develop rich voice processing applications such as touch-tone data retrieval without having to pay for a 3rd party telephony toolkit. Prompt callers for customer IDs or order numbers, retrieve current status from external databases, and play back desired information. It has never been easier or more cost effective to create or add custom solutions to TeleVantage.

Additional TeleVantage Features...

Comprehensive Voice Mail System
With TeleVantage, you don't need to pay extra for basic features such as voice mail. You get the most comprehensive and advanced voicemail system included as standard.
Automated Attendant
TeleVantage provides professional, efficient call answering that enhances your company's image. Callers can dial an extension directly or use the dial-by-name directory.
Powerful Call Center
TeleVantage provides the call center functionality you need to maximize revenues and enhance customer service. With the TeleVantage Call Center, businesses are able to implement a powerful, flexible solution at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems. 
Comprehensive Call Management
TeleVantage users can screen or route calls or use "follow-me" call forwarding to ensure that they never miss an important call.
Intelligent Graphical User Interface
TeleVantage enables PC users on the network to see and hear voice messages, graphically manage their own calls and integrate phone and e-mail messaging.
Graphical System Administration
TeleVantage provides an easy-to-use, Windows-based system administrator interface, and makes maintaining the phone system as easy as administering your network.
Voice-over-IP Support
Based on the common H.323 standard, the TeleVantage IP gateway allows users to route calls over the Internet or a corporate intranet. This saves you money by avoiding long distance tolls and makes dialing branch offices as easy as calling an extension down the hall.
Open API
The TeleVantage open API enables you to integrate your phone systems with any other software or hardware. Your information systems department will also be able to build custom applications that tightly integrate with your TeleVantage system.